The 10 Most important League of Legends tips to become a better player and improve your ranked game performance!

The longer you are playing League of Legends the more you understand that there are a lot of different spectrums that come with the game. It is not just picking the right champion and roll your way to victory. No, you will have to adjust your gameplay on many different fields to become a better league of legends player! In fact, League of Legends has become an international sport and many tournaments are being organized for League of Legends professionals. For this reason, we decided to create the best League of Legends Tips and Tricks! To make sure that your gameplay improves!

Buy Totem Wards and Control Wards

The first tip is to use your wards properly in the game will provide you vision on the spots where necessary. And vision is key to victory! Because it allows you to control the enemy movements. The whole thing about League of Legends is knowing where the enemy champion is. This enables you to set out successful ganks on the enemy lane and avoid being ganked on your own lane by enemy champions. With your trinket you will receive some free wards. Obviously, you should place them on important locations in order to oversee incoming enemy champions. When you see the enemy champions coming on, it is time to consider whether you can beat them. If you know you can’t, retreat to your tower as soon as possible. It’s always better to play safe than giving away a lot of kills in the game! Always buy a Pink Ward if you have the money left to purchase it. The Increased vision control you have is huge when placed on locations where the enemy champion doesn’t roam that often.

League of Legends Ward tips

Master two champions inside out

League of Legends counts over 140 different champions and new ones are coming in by the week. This makes it impossible for you to master every single champion in the game. Even though the type of champion you take plays a big role and you winning chances. Skills to master the mechanics on certain champions will get you carried out of the Bronze and Silver Leagues. In these leagues you can mostly still kill your hard counters by outplaying them with good gameplay. This holds that you will have to play a lot of games with the two champions. And set-up the right runes and Item build. Since the new preseason patch that was just released has changed things. It is recommended to visit MetaSRC to find the correct build and the best items for your champions. For more detailed information on champions and some free rp visit our rp generator on the home page. 

lol champions list

Watch League of Legends Live Game Statistics

It is always good to watch the live game statistics of the match you just entered. This can be done by entering your League of legends account name into seach query in LolNexus. This will reveal all kinds of data about your opponents:

  • Amount of times the champion is played
  • Wins and losses in ranked games
  • The League and Division
  • Main roles played
  • Type of runes used

Based on the amount of time your opponent has played a certain champ. Together with its win and loss ratio you can make an educated guess about their skills. This holds that you should avoid to contest with those who are known to play well. And, make sure to kill lol players with bad statistics to get your gold level up. Ones you get the gold advantage you can start contesting the better players. If they aren’t fed already.

League of Legends Live Game Statistics

Get the first blood or first tower blood

You can get first blood by making the first champion kill in the game. Or, by destroying the first tower in the game. When you get the first blood you will receive an additional gold bonus to will provide you with a great early advantage. Obviously, you can’t always get it. Because, sometimes you are playing with other players who simply get it before you. When you get it, go back to your base as soon as possible to buy yourself an additional beginners item like Doran’s Blade. Or Doran’s ring for casters etc.

First Blood

Don’t tilt and stop playing ranked when tilted

Game after game in League of legends people lose perfectly winnable ranked matches. Because they start tilting. This has happened to you too. Just admit it. It happens to all of us. It is easy to let the game carry you away in the heat of the moment. And, start trolling the whole game, feeding the enemy opponent, or just go away from keyboard. However, the truth is that you will win way more games when you make sure that you are immune to tilting. Many games are won in the late game through the scaling abilities of champions. Now you might think, oh again this tip. But it is evident that your gameplay will improve when you don’t get frustrated during your gameplay. Moreover, you will receive a lot of friendly honors during the game. Which can get you nice Honor capsules and great looking emblem on the loading screen.

tilt proof lol tips

Be the most friendly player in the game

Just like you shouldn’t tilt. You should be the most friendly player of League of Legends. This doesn’t mean that you should start giving an unlimited amount of compliments in the game. But this does hold that when people are making an argument you will try to cool it down. When people make a great kill you can tell them they did a good job. And, when someone doesn’t know how to play the game. Which happens a lot in the Bronze and Silver Leagues. You can explain them how to improve their gameplay directly. Examples:

  • Please, go and hug your tower. We will try to make kills and carry your lane afterwards.
  • You are buying the wrong item, this is the item you should purchase..
  • Don’t start trolling, by doing so you will screw up the game for all of us.

Stay kind and polite in your messages. And don’t insult people because they tend to start tolling and not giving a damn about the game anymore. Of course, you don’t want this to happen in ranked games.

Start a Premade with good players

When you find a few players to duo queue with. You can make sure that there is always someone in your team you can communicate with. It is best to make sure that you have voice communication with your premades through a headset. League of Legends is all about strategy and timing. Therefore, you can call out targets and make sure all the damage is inflicted to one champion. Bursting it down to the ground. Communication is key to victory. Moreover, you are reducing the chance to be queued with an idiot who starts feeding. But even when this happens the chances are higher you will carry the game with your premade than alone!

premade lol tips

Don’t greed for the kill and focus on objectives

This must be the most important League of Legends tip around. But still a lot of people are doing the opposite. I see many Lol players dying to a turret because they want to land that final shot. But instead of killing the enemy, they die themselves. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen. Therefore, you should always prioritize the things you should kill first. In the following way:

  • Nexus
  • Towers
  • Champions
  • Minions

As you can see the Nexus and Tower are prioritized in this list. Because, it is never worth chasing a champion for a kill. If you can destroy a Nexus or Tower instead. Destroying towers should be your main priority. The closer you get to the Nexus. The closer you get to winning the game! This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t kill any champions, if you haven’t destroyed a tower. Each champion kill provides you with a great gold bonus. And, when you are able to. Kill the enemy champion asap. However, don’t chase them into areas without vision and never overextend. Especially not under a tower. Note: We didn’t include jungle objectives.

Kill a lot of minions and get a high Creep Scote (CS), Best League of Legends Tip

The Creep Score is the amount of minions you have slain during the game. Each minion you kill in the game will provide you with gold. Most of the gold you will receive during the game comes from killing minions. Therefore, you should always focus on Last hitting the minions at all costs. Feel bad, every time you miss the last hit. Because you just missed out on some extra gold to buy better items. Follow the following benchmarks.

  • Creep Score Per Minute of 10 is as high as it gets
  • Creep Score Per minute of 7.5 is what you should aim for
  • Creep Score Per Minute of 5 is very poor

But just a lot of gold isn’t enough. Make sure you spend them on the items that are compatible with your champion!

Average Creep Score per lane

Learn from the professionals

With so many different tournaments from League of Legends. It isn’t hard to get your hands on videos where you can watch the professionals playing. If it is correct, you have selected yourself a champion and a main lane. Now, search for a professional League of Legends player on Twitch that is playing your lane and champion. My advice is simple, just watch what he does. And try to analyze the moves he is making to become a better Lol Player. I hope you have enjoyed our list of The 10 Most important League of Legends tips. If you implement all the tips and tricks we listed. We are sure that you will see a significant increase in ranking!

League of Legends tournament