The new release of the new season 8 ranked games is expected to come on the 16th of January! This will hold that the rankings you have managed to gain during season 7 will be refreshed and you will have to start over again! Obviously, this won’t have any effect on the champions and skins you have received, gifted or purchased during the previous seasons. But this does hold that you will have to start over again in your quest to the right leagues in the ranked games. This can be the bronze league, silver league, gold league or even diamond league!


The official release date for 2018

Riot Games hasn’t provided us with an official release date yet. Therefore, our release date is only speculation. Riot games is the only truthful holder of the right and accurate information when it comes to the release date. However, based in the information we possess about the previous release dates we can make an educated guess. Therefore we expect that the new ranked games will be released around the 16th of January or any date close to it. We base this date on the fact that almost all released brought to us by riot have been either in January or in February. Thus, if it may happen that it won’t occur in January it will most definitely happen in February.


What happens after the LOL ranked games refresh in 2018?

You may be wondering what will happen when the ranked games will refresh in 2018. As mentioned before, you will have to start over again in the new ranked season. This holds that everyone his stats will be refreshed and you will start with a clean slate. Once the new season starts you will have to play 10 placement matches. Based on the wins and stats in your placement matches League of Legends will decide in which Divisions and League you will start your ranked games. You can imagine that if you win all 10 placement matches you will start off in the diamond League. However, if you lose most of the games you will be set-back all the way to the bronze Leagues. Or, you might even get placed in the wooden leagues (this is a joke).


How to start at least in the gold leagues in 2018?

If you are a regular League of Legends player with decent skills you should be able to start off in the Gold Leagues. This will save you all the hassle of playing ranked games with raging childish youngster noobs who are messing up your game. It is a fact, that League of Legends users who play in Gold are more likely to play serious. Bringing more joy to your gaming experience. So how will you make sure that this is achieved?

  1. This might sound weird. But make sure that you are in the right mood. You should have enough sleep to make sure that you don’t start raging as soon as someone messes up his lane. Don’t blame, don’t rage and play the game as serious as you can be until the end of the match for the upcoming 10 placement matches.


  1. Find an experienced duo partner to que with. League of Legends has a rotten community and is full of trollers who don’t care about their rankings. If you duo que with a good player and you both decide to play serious. You will decrease the chance of being matched with those annoying trollers.


  1. Make sure you master two champions to the finest! And, only play these champions during the placement matches! When you are matched with people from the Bronze Leagues skills are usually more important than the right counter pick. Therefore, you should make sure to master two champions. Just in case one gets hard countered or your champion will receive a ban.

If it happens that you have a few champions in mind you would like to master before you actually start with season 8. You can use the Riot Points Generator 2018 to retrieve the right amount of points for the champions you desire!


There can be delay in the release

League of Legends Season 8 new Runes

Usually, Riot Games would announce the release date of the new season a few weeks before it actually happens. However, we haven’t heard any official announcement yet. This could be caused by the fact that League of Legends just had a new Runes system implemented. This might be causing internal errors that are slowing down the progress for the new season update. Or, they might be working on something spectacular that we don’t have any knowledge about yet. This could be a major adjustment in the ranking system to make sure that people que faster. But it could also be something completely different. At this moment we are kinda grasping in the darkness about the reason of the delay. Time will teach us what League of Legends has to offer for us in the future! Lets all pray that it is something awesome! Something that will make sure that trollers become trolled by the developers and removed from the game!