Best League of Legends Top lane champions

With the latest League of Legends update available for everyone to download. League of Legends update 7.20. We’ve designed a new list of best champions to guide you in your quest to get out of the bronze leagues, or the elohell!

How to get out of Bronze?

In general, to get out of the Bronze Leagues. It is evident, that you should master two different champions on your priority lanes. If you haven’t selected one of your main lanes yet. Please, visit our homepage.

Here, you can decide on the perfect lane for you to master. However, if you already selected your priority lanes. You can simply start selecting the champions out of this newly created list.

Next, you should make sure that you become tilt proof! Most people lose a high percentage of their games due to in-game raging. They get so upset by mistakes that are made by their team mates. That their gaming quality is suffering from it. In this case, you should remind yourself that in the Bronze and Silver Leagues, you will be matched with the worst players in League of Legends, every now and then. Accepting this as a given fact will help you to turn things around and get out of the elo hell!

Also, it is recommended to play champions that listed as God Tier champions. Just to make sure that you are always playing with the strongest champions around in the current patch. You can find the top tier champion listings on Rankedboost.

Best top lane champions for patch 7.20

In the top lane you should select champions who are able to snowball throughout the game.  This holds that you can only select champions who are able to solo carry the game when they get fed. This way you aren’t depending on your allies to win your Ranked Games. The best picks of this moment are Fiora, Darius and Yasuo. The key to snowballing is make sure that you don’t exceed a total of 2 deaths within the game. So you have enough time to out farm your opponents and get ahead.

How to play Fiora?

In this patch Fiora falls under the god tier champions. This holds that it is one of the most powerful champions in the game. When you follow the life steal build provided on METASRC. You are able to snowball games easily, due to the immense amount of lifesteal. On LOLcounter they mention that Jax is the biggest counter of Fiora. However, when jax is using his “Counter Strike” to stun you. Make sure to connect your Riposte to reflect the stun. This way you are able to win every single match.

How to play Darius?

Also Darius is assigned to the God Tier list of 7.20. And, this isn’t a surprise. Darius has been one of the strongest top champions since the release of the champion itself. Make sure that you use the healing given from “Decimate” at any given time to top up your health. And, use your “Apprehend” when the enemy is running away from you. Followed by a “Crippling Strike” to slow down the opponent and inflict significant game. Once your passive has reach five stacks, you are free to use the Noxian Guillotine. If you only Execute enemy champions your ultimate ability will refresh making it the perfect ability to snowball the game

How to play Yasuo?

Give Yasuo a few kills and some farm and he is able to make a solo Pentakill on the enemy team. This is definitely your best choice to boost your rankings. However, it is also the most banned champion in the game. Therefore, it is impossible to play him every game. Just make sure you master his abilities for the moment you are able to select him. Use the “Wind wall” to block incoming ultimate’s. While sweeping through minions with your “Sweeping Blade” to reduce the distance between you and the enemy champion. Once you get close use the “Steel Tempest” to inflict some damage and use your Sweeping blade again to get away. Once you’ve successfully hit your Steel Tempest Twice. Shoot your Whirl at the enemy champion and use “Last Breath” to finish the deal. If you cast your Ultimate ability on a target that is close to his allies. You will stun multiple champions. Perfect to solo carry!

How to play Gangplank?

Even though Gangplank is not in the god tier list at this moment. He is the most wide snowball champion for the top lane. However, this is only applicable if you know how to line up three powder Keg’s at the same time. This is done by lining up two powder kegs first, once you shoot the first, you should place a third right before the second Powder Keg is detonating. This way you can do a lot of damage from a very high range. Even though this champions is never banned. It is really hard to master his spells. Don’t think that you can become a professional Gangplank player after a few games!

Now you know our list of the best champions to boost yourself out of the elo hell! This concerns the Bronze and the silver Leagues. Master one of the champions described above for the top lane. And, you will become a Gold Player in no time. If you would like to receive more detailed information on other lanes. Please let us know. If you don’t have enough funds at this moment to buy a certain champion. You can make use of the Riot Points Generator.