Dear fellow Summoners,

The Next League of Legends update will provide a great substitute for the Online RP Generator. Since Riot Games has announced that they will start giving away Free Riot Points to every single gamer who has purchases a lot of it’s IP Points on Runes and Rune Pages within the Store. After our introduction we will go into detail on the subject matter.


This is the first blog of Therefore, we would like to take some time to introduce ourselves. We are a team of dedicated League of Legends gamers. Or as we like to call ourselves: ‘Fellow Summoners’. We created this website with a shared vision: “To provide League of Legends players with valuable information to become a better player“. We already laid down the first foundation in our support offered to all dedicated LoL gamers. To elaborate, on the homepage we developed a detailed guide to help you find out the perfect role, champion and places where you can learn from watching the real professionals in action. But enough about that. It is time for you to become familiar with the Upcoming League of Legends Update.

League of Legends – Season 8 Updates sneakpeak!

Riot games has announced a complete wipe of the system as we know it. Many elements will become redundant and are removed where others are implemented to create a better gaming environment for all of us. So, lets start at the beginning. A few weeks ago the creators of League of Legends announced that runes and runepages will become free available in the future. The reasoning behind this is that everyone should have fair chances within the game. And this shouldn’t depend on the hours you have been playing the game. It’s creating unfair competition between starters and people who have been around for a while.

Now this sounds completely unfair to all those players who have spent hours, days, weeks, months or even years of saving IP Points. Before they had saved enough to purchase all the Runes and Rune pages they required to compete in the Ranked games. Well, don’t worry about this. Because, Riot games has noticed that it is unfair practice. That’s why they decided to make it up with all the long-term gamers. Instead of just returning the IP you spent on all the runes. Which would be numbers going through the rooftop. They decided that you will be compensated with Free Riot Points and some will even receive free skins like the Warwick UrfWick or also referred to as the Warwick Urf skin. This has been a legacy skin unavailable for anyone who would to get their hands on it. I can tell you because personally I’ve had my eyes on that skin for a while. Thus, for all players who are wondering: How to get the Warwick Urf Skin? You will receive it if you have a lot of unspent Influence Points left at the transition to the new system.

Riot games hasn’t released the specific amount of Riot Points that will be gifted to it’s dedicated members. But they did mention that people will be satisfied with the number they will receive. But we will have to come back to that in season 8. Because this update won’t be released before the start of season 8. No information on an exact release date has been announced yet. But we will expect to hear more about this in the League of Legends community in the upcoming weeks. But now you know the exact upcoming substitute for the RP Generator. Riot Games will gift the points to you instead in season 8! Isn’t that thoughtful.

Just to give some proof for the before made statements. You can visit the Riot Store and watch the prices of the runes. All prices are discounted by 99% to make sure that everyone can get the required runes for the time being. If you are considering to wait until it all becomes free. Please, don’t do that. The extra Attack damage, Ability Power or any other player stats will become so much higher with the right set of runes activated. This will give you an immense benefit against enemies who don’t have it. Or, the other way around. If your enemy has it and you don’t have it. He will have a big advantage against you in the early laning of the game. If you don’t feel like visiting the store. We added a screenshot of the proof to this blog.

In the upcoming weeks we will have to find out whether the compensation offered is actually satisfying. However, since the promised that it will good. That’s what I expect it to be. If you have any new updates concerning this matter. Please, leave a comment with the updated information. This way we can make this blog a hot spot for valuble League of Legends information!