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League of Legends is one of the most played video games available these days. With an astonishing range of members exceeding the 100 million online active gamers. The game is well-known for the in-game Riot Points and online contests where premade teams of champions battle for the title of the best Ranked League of Legends team. However, prices are high and that’s why we started searching for eligible ways on how to get free riot points. Moreover, If you would like to see the professional LoL Players in action you can watch the live streams on twitch. During your watch on Twitch, you can decide which role is ideal for your type of gameplay. After, Follow our guide to select to best role, champion and Learn how to use the online generator for Free RP, to become the man of the game! 

STEP 1 Select atleast two roles that suits your gaming style. (Read each role)
STEP 2 Select two good champions for each role selected. (God tier champions preffered)
STEP 3 Enter the Generator (Bottom of the page)
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Select the perfect role to play in League of Legends, based on the information below. Already know the right roles and champions? Continue to step 3: The Riot Points Generator, updated for January 2019! 


in this role you will be the supporting role in the game, starting on the bot lane. Most often this includes a tank that has a lot of crowd control. Or a long-range caster that includes healing and other crowd control effects to make sure that your Fellow team mates are safe when the enemy attacks. The best support champions at this moment are Karma, Lulu, Leona, Thresh and Blitzcrank. And your main role will be to strengthen and protect your fellow summoners during the game.

Sometimes, during special days like Christmas. You will receive Free Riot Points to purchase additional champions. However, when this isn’t the case you should save up for IP Points. Every single one of the before mentioned champions, has its own value of IP to compete the purchase.

This role is also referred to as Attack Damage Carry.  This role starts on the bot lane together with the support and is designed to do as much range attack damage as possible throughout the game. You are squishy, which holds that you are an easy target to kill. However, if you manage to stay alive during the team fight you should be able to kill a lot of enemy champions. The God Tier champions to play in this role are: Vayne, Jinx, Caitlyn and Lucian. These champions are expensive and it’s recommend to buy the champions with points offered in the Riot Store.
This role has a high defense, health and can take a hit. You should build your items to take as much damage as possible. By stacking health, armor and magic resistance. Moreover, take a leading position during the team fights. While you are at the front line, you should work hard to disable to enemy champions that can pull off a lot of damage. While simultaneously defending your squishy team members. To prevent them from getting hit. Great tank champions are Galio, Cho’gath,  Malphite, Shen, Hecarim and many more. Noted: That every single character can be build towards to tank, but the one I mentioned are made for it. As a tank you will usually play in the jungle or top lane.
Ability power Casters die quickly once they are targeted by assassins/bruisers in the game. From a high distance you can manage to inflict a lot of damage with your spells from a distance while simultaneously stunning or applying other forms of crowd control. To make sure that the opponent has no chance of coming near you. If you are familiar with mages. Within this role, you will start at the mid lane. The best AP Mid laners are: Syndra, Ahri, Annie and Twisted Fate. I can imagine that you would like to get all of the champs.
This role performs high damage in either ability power or attack damage. They have the ability to move quicker across the map and dash, jump or flash toward the enemy ADC within a few seconds. As a bruiser your main goal during the game will be to kill the enemy high damage/squishy champions. The god tiers are: Riven, Kassadin, Kha’Zix, Kassadin and Talon. Assasins start in the Jungle, mid or top lane.

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League of Legends probably isn’t the first game you are playing that includes to former roles explained. You should decide for yourself which role is the most obvious to select. If you like to help other people during the game, you should play a support. While, if you love to inflict a lot of damage, and you are a great mastermind in dodging enemy spells the Attack Damage carry or AP Mid will be best for you. Keep in mind, that you can’t always play your desired role. Therefore, you should at least try to master two different specializations. All of these champions can be purchased with free lol rp. Just a tip, you can also save reward points to earn Free RP with PrimePrizes on the long-term. We understand that some of you are willing to take this next level. If you want a huge amount of riot points over a longer period, you should check it out.

Most played champions for each lane
  • Caitlyn 100%
  • Lee Sin (Jungle) 100%
  • Thresh (Support) 100%
  • Ahri (Mid) 100%
  • Galio (Top) 100%


If you have watched some of the professional play League of Legends. You must have got an idea on which champion you would like to play in the game. Most champions cost around 6300 IP and this will take you around 25 games to save up enough to get the champion.

In this case you should choose to use Riot Points. This is the in-game currency applied by Riot Games that enables you to purchase champions, skins, ward skins, IP Boosts, EXP boosts any more features of the game. You can purchase Riot Points Codes in the official Riot Store inside the game. They hold a value of $10, $20, $35 RP or $100 RP. And, will amount to a total of 1580, 3250, 5725 RP or 8250 RP. This is the best way to acquire the roles you want instantly.

Recently, Riot games announced that in the new updates runes and runes pages will be freely available for everyone to use. If you have been playing the game for a while, you might receive RP for free. Because, in the announcement they told that people in this situation will be compensated. The compensation is usually done by providing in-game League of Legends currency.

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